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Features include Single Point Contact, Project Management, Product Sourcing, Supplier Management etc.

One Stop Business Consultancy

One of the important services provided through Support Links. With a professional and qualified network of associates and consultants, we offer integrated support to business organizations in the Middle East as well as companies who wish to come to Middle East to set up their businesses.

One Stop Integrated Business Consultancy is the forte of Support Links with its extensive network in the Middle East and over a decade of experience.

We specialise in working with new start-ups and established small,medium sized and large businesses which have a specific goal. Consultancy is given to accelerate growth and profitability, expand the business, explore and move into new market sectors or aim to survive and consolidate the business.We offer custom solutions related to each client's scenario and make workable solutions according to the budget, target market, future accomplishments and company policies. We make sure the client is satisfied and the business is growing in line with the desired result.

Business Integration

Today, with the global operations and specialization of organizations in specific services, there is a major shortage of Integrated Business Management professionals who can assess the impact of how decisions made in one area can affect other areas of business. Support Links Worldwide has developed the unique skill of Integrated Business Management skills that can help organizations internationally.

The team of professionals with Support Links Worldwide are skilled in developing and delivering the optimum solutions that suit the international business scenarios covering all aspect of business such as Funding, Political Aspects, Legality, Technology, Human Resource, Controls, Business Vision, Business Ethics, International Standards. This unique skill of Support Links was developed through extensive integrated research and knowledge accumulation of more than 10 decades around the globe

The team of professionals with Support Links Worldwide are skilled in developing and delivering the optimum solutions that suit the international business scenarios

IT Solutions

Support Links Worldwide offers a unique integrated IT service to suit Technology requirements in all aspects of business.
Our Core IT services include:
Global Services
• Global Network • Global Data Centre • Global System Integration • Cloud Computing • Overseas Group Company Services
• Intranet • Internet • Remote Access Service
Security, Law and Audit
• Globally Managed Security Service • Firewalls • Access Controls • E-mail Security • Data Security • Cyber Law • Security Audit
Inter office Communications
• Video and Audio Conferencing • IP Telephony • Call Centre - Setup and Management
Office Infrastructure and Automation
• Servers, Workstations, Laptops • Telephones, EPBX • Fax • Copiers/Scanners • Printers • Other Office Automation Equipments • Access Controls and Time Attendance
Project Management
• Integrated Project Management
Help Desk Service
• Annual Maintenance Contract - 24X7 - 8X5X6 - 8X5X4 - 8X5XNBD
• New Installations
• Ad-hoc Services

Market Research & Development

Our clients prefer Support Links for our scientific expertise when the challenge is enhancing an existing product, improving process efficiencies, or uncovering a solution that helps them launch a first-to-market innovation. We aim to to leverage our research and development capabilities to generate distinctive value through new, improved products and innovative ways.

Our ability to immediately access our technical expertise across businesses and disciplines around the world allows us to leverage our best, most relevant knowledge to solve problems quickly.

Our global team includes more than 300 research, development, applications, technical services and intellectual property specialists working in more than 100 locations. Together, they provide a spectrum of services encompassing technical service, applications, development, research, intellectual asset management, and scientific and regulatory affairs.

HR & Training Solutions

Support Links Worldwide HR Solutions include:
Entry and Retention Services
• Sourcing of Candidates
• Salary Negotiations
• Credibility and Integrity Check
• Development of Human Resource through Training
• Policies and Procedures Development and Implementation
• Compensation Benefit
• Redundancy Management

Dispute Management
• Mediation of Disputes
• Outside Court Settlement

Exit Services
• Outplacement Service
• Redeployment of the Retired Community
• Rehabilitation
• Repatriation

• Candidate Training
• Corporate Training
• SOP Trainings
• Entrepreneurship Training
• Custom Trainings


Support Links Worldwide provide Coaching & Guidance in many levels.
Executive Coaching:
Individuals benefit by:
• Being better prepared for a new role or a career change
• Managing stress, change, conflict or crisis
• Enhancing personal impact and performance
• Communicating more persuasively
• Developing leadership skills
• Defining your career path more precisely
• Gaining insight into working with international teams more effectively
• Exploring cultural differences to enhance business effectiveness
Organisations benefit by:
• Securing greater commitment from senior people
• Retaining key people who feel more valued
• Applying a more creative outlook to business planning
• Witnessing improved management of all staff
Personal Coaching:
• Readdress the balance in your lifestyle
• Identify components for your ideal life
• Set goals and remain motivated as you achieve them
• Put together a realistic plan to achieve your aims
• Manage change or stress effectively
• Improve your personal performance
• Achieve your full potential

Translation & Interpretation Services

We provide top quality services for a significant number of Major Corporations, Law Firms and Governmental Agencies. Whether it is in written form through the translation process or through verbal interpreting, We pay particular attention to the subtle differences in language and culture that are critical in conveying your message to your target audience. Our reputation for completing urgent and technical language projects, on time and in budget, means you can trust us to deliver high quality documents, regardless of their complexity.

Our expert writers, editors and linguists can transform all content types – of any language – into outstanding documents which will help your organisation fulfil its goals.

Our translators and interpretors are a select group of native speakers from countries all around the world. These qualified and credentialed professionals excel in specialized fields: legal, business, medical, technical, entertainment, advertising and tourism, to name a few.

We offer professionals who are certified and credentialed in all languages, and who are skilled in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. They interpret with meticulous precision and timeliness.

Business Match Making & Partner Service

Business Matchmaking and Partner Search Service Support is offered to Support Links business associates to enter into global business expansion programs.

The program helps the organizations to find Agents/ Distributors/Service Providers globally and to capture a bigger market share in the global business scenario. The service also helps in sustaining the growth of business in each assigned market. The service eliminates all global barriers in terms of Legal, Political, Environmental, Social, Cultural, Linguistic and Technological issues.

Digital Media Services

We source the the latest digital technologies to provide cost-effective, multi-media business solutions across a wide range of industry sectors. We offer multi-platform, multi-media digital content processing, storage and distribution for the content owners.

Our Digital Media Services Include:
Web Services
• Web Development
• Web Interfacing
• Web Applications
• Web Hosting
• Domain Registration and Management
• Content Development
• Content Management
• Data Updation

360 Virtual Tours

• Customised Software Development and Implementation
• Microsoft Windows, MS Office and other Microsoft Products
• Accounting Packages such as Peach tree, Sage, Quick books, Tally
• ERP Packages such as Oracle, SAP, Sage Accpac, Microsoft Dynamics
• Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat etc.

ERP and CRM Implementation
• Business Assessment
• Business Justification
• Business Process Definition and Work flow Analysis
• RFP Preparation
• Software Evaluation
• Vendor Selection
• Business Process Finalisation and Documentation
• Data Collection and Cleanup
• ERP Implementation
• Data Migration
• Training and Testing
• System Maintenance
• Process Management

Project Management
• Integrated Project Management

Help Desk Service
• Annual Maintenance Contract - 24X7 - 8X5X6 - 8X5X4 - 8X5XNBD
• New Installations
• Ad-hoc Services

Data Bureau Services
• Data Entry
• Elimination of Duplicate Data
• Data Cleaning
• Data Correction
• Data Updation
• Data Integrity
• Data Management
• Data Migration

Advertising & Publishing

Our Advertising & Publishing solutions are focused on continuous development and marketing of wide range of powerful, yet affordable solutions for businesses and consumers in the national and international markets. We provide a one stop design and marketing service, which offers you cutting-edge advertising, exhibition, online and multimedia solutions to ensure your brand or brands cut through the clutter and competition to stand out.

Design, Print & Digital
• Concept Creations
• Brochure / eCatalogues
• Corporate Identity & Logos
• Folders, Flyers & Roll Ups
• Exhibition Stands

Indoor Advertisement
• Pop Up Displays
• Roll Up Stands
• Banners
• Sign Boards
• Promotional Display Stands
• Digital TV & Display Screens
• Content Management

Photo & Videography
• Product Photography
• Corporate Photography
• Model Shoot
• Indistrial PhotoGraphy
• Video Advertisements
• Corporate Videos

Business Expansion & Globalization

One of the most sophisticated services of Support Links is assisting organizations to set up their businesses in the international market and furthermore to manage and sustain their operations profitably.

Our Service include:
• Analysis of target market & Readiness of the market
• Development of Market Entry Strategy
• Implementation of the Strategy
• Appointment of Agents/ Distributor
• Drafting of Contracts as per local, International and Country of origin laws
• Registration of the organization
• Setting up of office/ other infrastructure
• Appointment of Auditors as per the local law
• Staffing
• Setting up of HR Policies
• Setting up of Local Operating Procedures
• Performance Audit
• Expansion Strategies Development and Implementation
• Development of Exit Strategy
• Implementation of Exit Plans

Events & Exhibitions Services

We are involved in promotional activities and Event Management Services. We organize and coordinate the events including National and International Conferences, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, Seminars, Summits, Conclaves, Roundtables, Workshops, Road Shows, Buyer-Seller Meets, Branding, Business Meetings, Cultural Programs and other business promotion related activities.

We focous on activities and events for the development of industry, investment, infrastructure, culture, sports, education, tourism, knowledge and other important aspects which are useful for the enhancement of business contacts.

We are associated with Leading Organisations, Industry, Corporate, Chambers of Commerces, Associations, Banks, Financial Institutions, Embassies, Sports Authorities, Ministries, Departments and Agencies as well as partners of various organisations from around the world.

We also provide a range of event and exhibition services including superior quality shell schemes, designed display stand lighting layouts, exhibition stand design and build, hanging banners, vinyl graphics and flooring, raised platforms, specialist lighting for extravagant spectaculars etc

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility:
Caring and Supporting the development of a harmonious and sustainable society is the responsibility of every individual and organization. Corporate Social Responsibility:
CSR is the initiative of an organization to contribute to the sustainable growth of the society to ensure better living conditions for every individual.

Our Activities in CSR Project Development and Management include:
• Supporting organizations to develop and manage unique sustainable CSR projects
• Providing platforms for organizations to participate in CSR activities
• Providing CSR initiatives and CSR ideas to Socially Responsible Organizations

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